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Andrea Pernia

Trailblazing leader and renewable energy expert

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Andrea Pernia

Andrea Pernía, a trailblazing leader and renewable energy expert with over a decade of experience, stands at the forefront of innovation in sustainable solutions. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Master’s in Management Projects, Andrea seamlessly combines technical prowess with strategic vision. This dual proficiency has played a pivotal role in her ability to lead and execute groundbreaking projects throughout her career.

The crowning achievement in her academic journey is a Master’s in Renewable Energy, solidifying Andrea ́s expertise in the very heart of her passion.

Currently holding the prestigious title of Certified Solar Contractor in the state of Florida, Andrea is a pioneering force in the industry, breaking barriers as the only woman to achieve this distinction. As the CEO and co-founder of Infinitum Solar, she leads a dynamic team of installers, administrative professionals, and sales personnel while continuous to set new standards for sustainable business practices, seamlessly blending her academic foundation with real-world, impactful leadership.

Certified Solar Contractor