Infinitum Solar

Goverment Policies

To establish an energy portfolio that is sustainable for future growth, state and federal governments of other countries have enacted various energy policies. This will become increasingly important as more countries develop and industrialize. Energy demand is expected to continue growing exponentially and new technologies must be available to help meet the demand. These policies […]

Pv Industry

A diversity of knowledge, skills, and abilities are required to design, install, and commission PV Systems. The process involves several qualified individuals and organizations, each with an important role in ensuring the safe, reliable, and long-term performance of the PV Power System. In 1992, the US had 40% of the world installed PV capacity, the […]

PV Applications

The earliest applications of PV Systems were in situations where connections to the utility grid were unavailable, or cost prohibited. As PV efficiency has continued to improve and costs have fallen in recent years, more potential applications for PV technology have emerged. Greater demand and increasing production have accelerated the trend toward cost-effectiveness in a […]

Photovoltaics, a great deal!

Photovoltaics (PV) is a solar energy technology that uses the unique properties of certain semiconductors to directly convert Solar Radiation into electricity. A PV System is an electrical system, consisting of a PV module array and other electrical components needed to convert solar energy into electricity usable by loads. These components can be arranged in […]